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"A Slender Thread: Escaping Disaster in the Himalaya"

by Stephen Venables

Mountaineering Book Review:  Stephen Venables's A Slender Thread

Publisher's Book Description

"Together with Chris Bonington and other distinguished British climbers, Stephen Venables was high on the unclimbed and sacred mountain of Panch Chuli when, at 1 AM on a dark Himalayan night, his abseil failed and he fell catastrophically, somersaulting from rock to rock and landing, seriously-wounded, at the end of a rope suspended above a 50-degree icefield. This is the story of his arduous and almost miraculous survival, and of the brilliant, committed teamwork which brought him to safety."


Publisher's Author Description

"Stephen Venables was born in 1954. He started climbing whilst reading English at New College, Oxford. His first book, Painted Mountains, won the Boardman-Tasker Prize for mountain literature, whilst his most recent, Himalaya Alpine Style, won the Banff Mountain Literature Festival Grand Award. Everest Kangshung Face told the story of a remarkable new route up Everest's biggest wall in 1988, when he became the first Briton to reach the summit without supplementary oxygen. He earns his living as a writer and lecturer, living with his wife and two children in Bath."


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Book Details

Publisher Hutchinson, UK
Year 2000
Paperback Pages 208 (Arrow Books, 2001)
ISBN 0099279061 (Arrow Books, 2001, Paperback Edition)